Sacramento to Juneau 7/9/21

Flying prior to Delta variant.
Sacramento rice fields.
Feather River and rice fields.
Sutter Buttes- a really cool old volcanic plug.
Channelized and leveed Sacramento River.
Meandering channels of the Sacramento River.
The distant Beckwourth Complex fires that burned our favorite fishing spot.
Lassen... extremely lacking in snow for so early in July. Also, the largest pug dome in the world.
Medicine Lake atop Medicine Lake shield volcano.
What's left of Tule Lake and the wildlife refugee. The drought is catastrophic.
The very beginning of the Bootleg Fire in Oregon, which is still burning intensely over a month later.
Bootleg Fire pyrocumulus clouds.
Bootleg Fire.
Bootleg Fire.
Mt Hood.
Wickiup Reservoir, OR.
Three Sisters composite volcanoes.
Mt Adams and the Columbia River.
St Helens, Adams.
St Helens and Adams.