Killisnoo Island Geology and Environment 7/12-13/21

I always love beachcombing along Killisnoo Island. The Gambier Formation has tortured greenstones metasandstones and marble lenses.
Folds in Gambier Fmt. ~385Ma
Really cool greenstone... not sure of all the mineral components.
Granitic cobble dropped in the area by a glacier.
Folds in gambier formation rocks. ~385Ma
Pretty shell contrasting with the greenstone.
Fold axis.
I wish this one would have fit in my carry on.
Happy thumb for scale.
Whaler's Cove water supply. Seriously.
Took the mid-line road down the center of the island while awaited the "rescue" ferry.
Mosses everywhere!
Hydrophobic ferns are soooo pretty.
Mossy waterfall.
Moss on a stump.
An outcrop of the Marble of the Gambier Formation!!!
It's a straight road!