Yosemite - With Epic Half Dome Sunset! 10/30/21

We had planned on heading up to Yosemite Valley Saturday morning, but our departure was slightly delayed by sleeping-in. I saw it as an opportunity to eat camp dinner of soup and sausage to catch a sunset without actually camping. After a lovely day strolling along the various meadows in the valley, we had our camp dinner in the Ahwahnee meadow picnic area. Belly's full, I walked down the path to capture some neat clouds rolling off Half Dome, but had no idea one of the best sunsets I've ever witnessed was about to occur. Luckily I happened to have my camera capturing interval shots every two seconds for 10 minutes when the show started. Such a great memory.
Fern Spring pullout.
Trail along Merced River near Fern Spring.
Happy Z and Laura.
Pretty colors, muted by clouds along the Merced River near Fern Spring.
When you forget that your camera timer is on multiple frames.
Leidig Meadow and the amazing talus pile at the base of Middle Brother. Cathedral Rocks in the far distance.
Lower and Middle Brother from Leidig Meadow.
Crop of the talus pile/slope beneath Middle Brother.
Quite a treat to be able to witness these fall colors with a fully flowing Yosemite Falls and channel-full Merced River.
I only wish Sentinel Dome would have been open to capture the afternoon rainbow on the falls. But alas, I'd have to settle for this.
Trees turned into an island. Taken from Swinging Bridge. The kids in the photos spent 30 minutes geoengineering the dry spit between the sets of trees, one…
We'll see if these trees survive spring flows.
Another view of the beautiful black cottonwoods.
Z did his best to yeet rocks across the river. I think its one of his favorite activities.
I mean, are there really words for this? Black cottonwoods near Swinging Bridge. Lower Brother in the background.
Have some waterfall. All 1430' of it.
Upper Yosemite Falls.
Black cottonwoods catching great light.
This scene seems obscenely orange... but this was what it looked like on the trees in El Capitan Meadow.
Just spectacular in El Capitan Meadow. Watching the leaves fall off an float down in the breeze was awesome.