Day 4 6/3/22

Panum Crater, South Tufa, Tioga Pass and Home!
View from Panum Crater trailhead looking back towards the Sierra and large moraines pushing out of the mountains from previous glaciations.
Happy hikers up the tephra to see inside the crater!
The ascent into Panum Crater. Panum is a tuff cone with a rhyolitic plug dome in the middle. It's only 630 years old!
Students explore the central plug dome of Panum Crater.
Students explore the central plug dome of Panum Crater while Laura and Z make their way up to see the cool stuff!
Mono Lake from Panum.
Laura happily near the top of the dome.
Z trudges onward.
Spines of flow banded obsidian.
Flow banded rhyolite and obsidian in the dome.
Looking towards Tioga Pass.
Quite a lovely day from atop Panum Crater.
Down we go...
This interpretive sign was pretty good.
South Tufa at Mono Lake.
Mono Lake South Tufa.
Z was a rockstar! He collected lots of brine shrimp to show-off.
Amazing colors in Mono Lake.
South Tufa, Mono Lake.