Gaylor and Granite Lakes 8/4/21

Four mile out and back trail through Tioga Pass tundra.
Z getting prepared for the hike. He did really well!
Quartz vein in the metamorphics... what brought miners to the area in the 1870's-80's.
Climbing. The first mile climbs about 500' rather quickly.
Views of Mt. Dana and the ancient Dana Plateau.
Saddle at the top of the trail. We were headed to granite cirque across the way.
Quite a view from the top looking down into Lee Vining canyon.
Happy hiking when we dont have to worry about school projects!
Cathedral Range
Gaylor Lake/
More Cathedral Range. I also liked seeing the shallow center bits of Gaylor Lake and now wonder why it exists.
Gaylor lake kind of resembles an infinity pool.
Pano of Gaylor Lake, with our intended target in the background.
Thought my phone case and sky looked similar.
Shore of Gaylor Lake.
Infinity views towards Cathedral Range.
Z makes the crossing of Gaylor's inlet stream.
Erratic boulder field and lovely grasses.
Even though the drought has taken its toll, the high elevation vegetation seemed perky and green from the previous week's monsoon.
Cathedral Range and Gaylor plateau.
Lovely granitic erratic.