Bell Meadow Fall 2021 10/16/21

Fun, easy hike through Bell Meadow to see the fall colors in the largest aspens in the Sierra. We had orginally planned on heading to Chain Lakes off of Box Spring Trailhead, but road work and the realization that the road in was too long caused us to change our plan on the Forest Road.
Aspens at Fahey Cabin
Fahey Cabin is back in use! Our WildLink Club helped clean up the area during the historic building's restoration.
Grandma & Z with perfect lighting.
Bell Meadow Trail Head at the parking area.
Bell Meadow
Z conquers the tree.
Bell Meadow
Scenes of pretty aspens along the trail.
Hiking through the aspens.
I particularly like this image of Grandma and Z hiking through aspens.
Z and I went for a challenge "climb" on some of the steeper granite faces.
Z was very pleased with himself that he conquered the "climb". He did learn some great skills, though.
Looking over Bell Meadow with a happy climber.
Z also learned how to shuffle slide down granite joints and those filled with slippery pine needles.
All smiles.
Not sure which wind event took out these trees, but it was a pretty substantial loss.
More beautiful color.
Z shows where he slid down.
Smiles for miles.