Alaska Fishing Adventure at Whalers Cove Lodge, Angoon AK.

Epic Christmas present from my dad. A father and son trip to Whalers Cove Lodge on the remote Alaska Island of Killisnoo, near the small Tlingit village of Angoon on Admiralty Island. It was a whirlwind adventure flying to Juneau and then taking a float plane to the lodge early the next morning. We were fishing by 9am the day we arrived at the lodge. It was great to fish with my dad and bring home 200lbs of salmon and halibut for him.

Whalers Cove Lodge

See the fishing trip of a lifetime! We brought home 200 combined lbs of Silver (coho), King (chinook), pink salmon and halibut. I had the 'pleasure' of reeling in and releasing 4 halibut (unharmed) greater than 50" from over 650' of water. As you can see this trip put some big smiles on my dad's face.

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Mendenhall Glacier

With an extra day to kill in Juneau before an early flight home, my dad and I decided to visit this glacier to get some photos for my classes. Mendenhall has receded something like 200' per year since 2005. Climate change will most likely continue eating away at the glacier.

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Around town. We mostly wandered looking for tshirts and food.

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Flying Photos

San Francisco to Seattle to Juneau going. Juneau to Sitka to Seattle to San Fran coming.

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