WildLink goes to Black Diamond Miness 2/1/20

Twenty-six students from THS and PHS embarked on an adventure to explore the oft-overlooked Black Diamond Mines Regional Park near Antioch. February trips are hard to plan with snow in the Sierras and state parks in the coast ranges a bit of a drive. Thus we settled on BDM for its proximity to Turlock (1.5hr) and the hopeful views of the delta and possibly Sierra Nevada across the central valley. The fog was thick on the drive from Turlock to Antioch, but as we climbed the last mile of road into the parking lot of Black Diamond Mines we broke out into the clear. It was magical. We ended up hiking 3.66miles atop a ridge with great views in temperatures that nearly reached 70 degrees. On February 1st! Thanks to our teacher-friends that donated their time and gas money to make this trip happen! Mr. Testo, Mr. Boyce, Mr. Hakanson, Alexis, Mrs Shipman-Norman and Mrs Norman-Shipman and of course Mrs. Hollister.
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