Point Reyes 2015

WildLink Club takes a long day trip to Point Reyes National Seashore and hikes Kehoe beach.
 RJH1230 Earthquake Trail. Zephyr, Lindsay, Jazz, Erika, Natasha, Trevor, Damion, Jagdeep, , ,Mary, Kiran at the most famous fault-offset site in the world.  WildLinkers are standing on the San Andreas Fault, where it ruptured 109-years ago to the day! Bear Creek along the trace of the San Andreas Fault.  The fault is made of weaker rocks that are more easily eroded by water, hence the creek's channel here.
 RJH1251  RJH1260  RJH1261  RJH1263
 RJH1266  RJH1268  RJH1272  RJH1275
 RJH1284  RJH1289  RJH1290  RJH1292
 RJH1297  RJH1302  RJH1305  RJH1318
 RJH1324  RJH1326  RJH1332  RJH1335
 RJH1336  RJH1343  RJH1348  RJH1350
 RJH1353  RJH1355  RJH1356  RJH1360
 RJH1361  RJH1363  RJH1367  RJH1372
 RJH1376  RJH1383  RJH1385  RJH1389
 RJH1393  RJH1395  RJH1398  RJH1401
 RJH1404  RJH1410  RJH1412  RJH1424
 RJH1426  RJH1430  RJH1434  RJH1440
 RJH1442  RJH1443  RJH1444  RJH1446
 RJH1448  RJH1454  RJH1456