Free Day in Yosemite Valley

Laura, Zephyr and I decided to go to Yosemite Valley on a whim to check out the waterfalls that were booming for the first time in nearly five years. Let's just say we learned our lesson to never, ever, ever go to Yosemite again on a free entrance day. It was a ZOO! But a pretty zoo with huge traffic jams.
Z was happy to get out of the car and run around in front of Bridalveil Bridalveil Falls. Rare treat to see Ribbon Falls near the peak of its glory. It's the tallest single-drop waterfall in North America at 1611'. Goofy family portratit under Ribbon Falls
Bridalveil again.  Because it was there. Ribbon Falls with El Capitan. Z is turining into quite the climber. Ribbon Falls with blossom (and pollen)-laden trees.
Tree Hugger. Snapped this on my hike from Camp 4 (where I parked) back to Yosemite Village (where I dropped-off Laura and Z in a traffic jam). Yosemite Falls.  As good as I've seen it in 5 yrs or longer. Halfdome was not to be outdone, either.
Sentinel Rock Sentinel Falls. Sentinel Rock And a little bit of post-dinner playing before taking a nap on the way home.