Whalers Cove 2016

The 2016 version of our annual dream trip to Angoon, Alaska to fish our hearts out. This year's trip was noteworthy two reasons. The first being that the fishing was terrible for salmon. Kings never came and the Silvers were running a little late. Top it off with terrible herring crashes and there wasn't a great food chain to attract the numbers of whales we've seen in years past. I'd chalk the warming waters up to climate change just as several scientific papers have done. The second notable part of the trip was that I caught a 77.5-inch, 244lb (est) halibut that was the biggest of the season at Whalers Cove! Fifty minutes of fighting and a good measurement won us a free trip back to Whalers Cove Lodge Next Year!
July 15-18 2016

Fishing at Whalers Cove Lodge

  • July 18 2016

    Float Plane

  • July 18 2016

    Mendenhall Glacier

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