Hawaii - 2014 Big Island Adventure

Merry Christmas! Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa H, the entire family was able to spend a wonderful week on the Big Island. Tropical storms, persistent clouds and humidity altered some of our plans (like going to Mauna Kea and South Point) but those changes allowed us to explore many amazing parts of the Island that were just as amazing. So join, Zephyr, Laura, Me, Auntie Mandy, and Grandma & Grandpa H to see our adventures.

Day 1 - Take Off

Zephyr's first trip to the airport and first flight! Uneventful flight, other than passing Z back and forth across the aisle for 5hrs.

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Day 2 - Waikoloa Beach

Big surf from tropical storm remnants and jet lag helped us make a decision to stay close to Kona and find sheltered water and a beach to enjoy. Waikoloa fit that bill perfectly. Not great for snorkeling, but great gentle surf.

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Day 3 - Volcanoes National Park

Home to the only actively erupting volcano in the US, Volcanoes National Park offers many sights and adventures even when the Lava is flowing in restricted areas (AGAIN! UGH). Highlight of the trip for me was watching the caldera glow at night.

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Day 4 - Honaunau Bay

The best drive-to snorkling spot in Hawaii.

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Day 5 - Akaka Falls and Waipio Overlook

Akaka Falls State park is home to two large waterfalls, with 422' Akaka Falls being the namesake. An easy 0.96mi hike will take you past Kahuna and Akaka falls on a paved trail through the jungle. Be amazed by the goby fish that climb Akaka falls using suction disks to spawn!

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Day 7 - Back to Honaunau

We couldn't resist squeezing-in one last snorkling morning before our flight left. We got up early and were able to swim for an entire hour before heading back to hit the showers for our muggy trip home.

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Video Clips

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