Mendenhall Glacier

With an extra day to kill in Juneau before an early flight home, my dad and I decided to visit this glacier to get some photos for my classes. Mendenhall has receded something like 200' per year since 2005. Climate change will most likely continue eating away at the glacier.
Taxi driver snookered me into getting out and taking this "best your going to get" photo.  I just wanted the dead trees from the beaver-dammed lake.NEW Iceberg.NEW See the gray rocks in the valley near the glacier?  There's nothing growing there because they are freshly exposed surfaces.  In the 1920's the glacier extened to where this photo was taken.NEW Mendenhall Lake looks gray and silty because the glacier grinds and powderizes rocks that it flows over coming down the valley.  The sediments created (called glacial flour) get washed into the lake by under-glacier streams or glacial calving.  They are so small that they stay suspened for a long time.NEW
 RJH7111NEW Fireweed.  So pretty.NEW Our destination for the day was a short hike out to 377' Nugget Falls on the right side of the photo. The glacier was covering the falls in the 1970'sNEW  RJH7120NEW
I liked how this depicted how a snowflake melts and compresses into a glacier over time.NEW I saw lots of people trying to slide down the polish... a lot of butt cheeks were made raw.NEW Trail to Nugger falls.  No biggie, right?  Until you consider these entire area has only been ice free for several decades.NEW Granitic erratic.  Rode the glacial conveyor belt to be dropped here.NEW
Big-ol erratics.NEW Trail to Nugget Falls.NEW The falls were amazingly loud and fierce, but easy to walk right next to without fear.  So cool.NEW IMG 5630NEW
Hard not to gawk and feel ashamed that we're killing this glacier. It's currently 1/2 mile wide and about 200 to 300' thick.NEW I survey the falls.NEW SCHIST!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!NEW --NEW
 RJH7152NEW Easy to see the influence of the waterfall's effect on the lake.  The falls don't pick up much sediment and thus displace some of the lake's suspended load of glacial flour.NEW Can't remember what my dad couldn't remember here.NEW Yup, the glacier has ridiculously receded.NEW
We took the trail of time hoping to see some better markers of glacial occupation.NEW The Trail of Time.NEW This boulder says "Ice Limit 1920".  The forest was so thick I couldn't get a reference point shot.NEW CCC cabin.NEW
 RJH7182NEW  RJH7183NEW Toggle this photo and the next.  I get a wierd 3D sensation. Do you?NEW Toggle.NEW
 RJH7195NEW This was an old creek-fed drinking fountain.  Read the previous photo to learn more about it.NEW  RJH7198NEW Sockeye!NEW